company registration in Delhi


While starting the business, an entrepreneur has many options on the choice of business entity that he should start with and larger the number of options larger the chances of confusion. In India, you can register a Pvt. Ltd. Company, Limited Liability Partnership, One Person Company, or Partnership firm for purpose of carrying your business. This decision of selecting the right entity is very crucial and depends upon certain factors like liability, nature of business, number of owners, scale of business, taxation, estimated tenure of the business, future plans, closing etc.

Public Limited Company A which is not a Private Limited Company in known as Public company. There should be at least 3 Directors and 7 shareholders with a minimum paid-up capital of Rs 5,00,000 . There is no limitation on the maximum number of shares and therefore such company can offer its shares to the public at large.

The entire capital of the company is divided into small units known as shares. Each member hold shares in the company are called as shareholders and the ownership is defined by number of shares in the total capital held by any shareholder.

A company is run by Board of Directors, consisting of directors, which are appointed by the shareholders. Shareholders can themselves become director or they can also appoint any other individual as shareholder. Directors take all the decision related to company incorporation in delhi.

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