Public Lmited Company

Formation Process


Brooks Consulting have rich experience in providing services for Formation of a limited Company, Incorporation of Company in India Online Company Registration in India and Company Registration in Delhi India. As per the governing rules, a ‘Company’ can be registered/setup up in India Formation of public limited where the Incorporation of Company formalities all over India is the same.

The Companies Act, 1956, under Section 3 (1) (iv) defines a Public Company as follows:
  1. It is not a Private Company
  2. The paid up capital is at a minimum of Rs 5 Lac or higher, as may have been prescribed
  3. Is actually a private company, but is a subsidiary of a public company
  4. Deemed Public Companies that are actually Private Companies. There are certain Private Companies that have been deemed public under section 43 A, viz:
Private Companies deemed to be Public Companies
  1. If 25% or more of its paid up share capital is held by one or by more than one corporate body.
  2. When the average annual turnover (over the last three years) is more than 25 Crores.
  3. If deposits are renewed or accepted from the public post an invitation that is made through an advertisement.

However, the Companies Act (Amended) 2000, which is in effect from December 13, 2000 should intimate the Registrar and revert to their original status of being an private limited company.