We provide an array of services like Company Incorporation in Delhi, India and Accounts Outsourcing. In today’s evolving and dynamic world, the business procedures have undergone revolutionary changes especially in terms of globalization and emerging technology convergence. The reflection of these astounding practices can easily be witnessed across the globe. Outsourcing, the next big thing in the business sector applied at various levels, has proved to cut down the cost and save time, thus becoming a wise business sense. Accounts outsourcing is one such practice that is trending in major business houses and large corporations. It allows to manage the finances by a specialized company for better management of resources and time. At Brooks Consulting, we offer Accounting Bookkeeping Services, Income Profit Loss Statement, Preparation of Annual Financial statements, Offshore Accounting in India which is directly marked in the quality we deliver to match the individual needs of our clients. Some of the Accounting Outsourcing services we offer are as follows: -

Bookkeeping and General Accounting Services

This service offers to maintain books on daily basis as well as prepare the monthly and quarterly accounts for management purposes. The books are prepared in accordance with global accounting standards such as popular US GAAP accounting standard. We offer customised service to prepare books on specific instructions of our client provided they fall in the confined business and accounting standards.

Preparation of Financial Statements

We offer to compile company’s annual records for the purpose of statutory annual auditing and to form annual accounts and statements. We prepare business reports which helps to reflect the true financial position of the organization.

Payroll Services

Get preparation of monthly salary slips, administration of various commissions, calculation of salary incentives for individual employees as well as bonus payments and monitoring and reimbursement of staff expense accounts through us. We undertake the compilation and calculation of pensions and insurance premiums of ex and current employees.

Tax planning & Returns

We offer to our clients a full-fledged business support function including preparation of accounts and filing of relevant periodic income tax, sales tax and other returns. We assure to provide our clients with timely reminders, relevant information and necessary notifications for effective tax calculations and to avail various rebates and tax deductions as per the legal framework. We also offer advisory services for your investment decisions including portfolio investment and management decisions at normal cost.

Creditor Payment

With the help of this specialized service, we assist you in paying off the creditors at a chosen time in the future as per the books while keeping the ultimate financial control with the management.

Debt Collection

The service comprises of providing assistance for effective planning of the timely recovery of debts. We also offer legal assistance in case of defaulter clients.

Cash Handling and Banking Operations

A complete business support is provided to our clients to deal with complexed treasury functions. The service also includes the banking accounts management in high interest deposit and current accounts cases.

Cash Forecasting

We assist you in understanding the business cash flow and forecasting the cash requirements of the business based on various arithmetic models. We provide investment planning for the future based on sound business principles. With this service, we offer our clients a better understanding of the business cash flow and forecasting We also advice on future investment planning.

Advantages of doing business with us

How we are different from others?

  • We follow best accounting practices with the help of which we provide collection, summarization and accurate analysis of financial data and save time.
  • We maintain high standards of Data Security and confidentiality.
  • We follow transparency in reflecting company’s position along with financial conducts for future.
  • A proactive approach on future business risk analysis and offering precautionary measures.
  • Best Quality services at nominal cost
  • Optimal utilization of business resources thus saving cost.