bookkeeping service and its importance

What is Bookeeping Service and Its Importance

Bookkeeping involves the recording, on a regular basis ,of a company’s financial transcations. Bookkeepers are individuals who manage all financial data for companies. Without bookkeepers, companies would not be aware of their current financial position, as well as the transactions that occur within the company.

Importance of bookkeeping services-

  • Bookkeeping is an essential function in your business for both legal and financial management purposes.
  • Proper bookkeeping practices also helps you respond to potential IRS inquiries or audits.
  • By keeping accurate records, your business can get a snapshot of its health in the form of financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and more.
  • Easy reporting to investors and to fullfill tax arrangements.
  • For keeping proper records and for easy business planning.

Benefits of bookkeeping service-

  • Save your time
  • Reduced Cost
  • Establish Knowledge
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Improve Business
  • Hazardfree Outcomes

What does a Bookkeeping Service do?

  1. Data Entry-Data entry is nothing but the procedure to record financial transactions, that is, maintaining a record of what comes in and what goes out of your business.
  2. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll-A bookkeeper ensures that your customers are invoiced and payments are collected from them on time.
  3. Bank Reconciliation-Bank reconciliation refers to the process of comparing the financial transactions in your books of accounts against the transactions reflected in your bank statements.

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