How to Check TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) online?

How to Check TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) online?


Income is one such aspect of recent day life that can't be unnoticed or brushed off. It finds how to influence the answer of one’s day to day challenges from an easy issue on if one ought to walk the additional mile or take the bus? or a lot of larger things on if a corporation ought to invest crores of rupees during a specific sector or not? It influences the lives of all people from poor laborer to wealthy man of affairs and because of such influence that financial gain yields during a country like Republic of India folks square measure usually interested in what cash they pay as taxes and the way a lot of they're stepping into the shape of returns as being compliant with revenue enhancement rules and laws here are available the thought of TDS and TDS returns. allow us to currently verify what one means that by TDS and TDS returns and what's the procedure to envision the standing of such returns online

TDS is a means of collecting income tax in India, under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. Any payment covered under these provisions shall be paid after deducting a prescribed percentage. It is managed by the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) Department of Revenue managed by Indian Revenue Service.

Any quantity subtracted from earnings could be a pinch to our pockets. TDS is subtracted once the worker receives his earnings. several queries and doubts come to a novice taxpayer’s mind:

1. Is the TDS subtracted paid promptly by the employer?

2. How do I reassure that it's been credited to my PAN?

3. Can I check the TDS subtracted all on my very own or i want a CA for it?

4. Is permission needed from the employer?

5. Are there any charges for checking your TDS?

6. How do I check TDS online?

TDS is calculated on your financial gain and subtracted from your salary; thus you've got authority to envision your TDS while not your employer’s permission. you'll check it yourself while not anyone’s facilitate, and it’s completely freed from cost! It takes solely a number of minutes to envision credit of TDS subtracted. Following area unit the steps to envision TDS Credit on type 26AS:

1. Visit

2. Register yourself

3. If already a registered user, log in using the credentials

4. Go to ‘My Account’

5. Click on ‘View Form 26AS’

6. Select ‘Year’ and ‘PDF format’

7. Open the file downloaded. The password to open this file is your date of birth mentioned on your PAN card, e.g. if your birth date is 1st January 1990 then your password will be 01011990

8. After opening Form 26 AS you will get information regarding total income on which TDS is deducted and TDS credited to your account

9. If you have internet banking facility and your PAN is linked to it, then you can use your bank’s net banking portal to check your TDS online

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