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Corporate Tax Filing & Returns

More than only standard accounting and tax filling services, We helps in corporate tax filings and annual returns for the companies. We work closely with all our clients as we firmly believe that clear understanding of their business goal is crucial to impart the best online payroll services.

Which system and procedures should be used to effectively deal with your company’s tax commitments? Where do you start? Tax management is daunting and risky undertaking at the best of times but these days businesses also need to combat with economic uncertainty and ever-changing regulatory oversight. Making sure that you have the right workforce in place and are employing the latest technologies to effectively manage your tax obligations, is not an easy task, especially if tax management is not the core job of your company. What’s more, tax deduction is different to different companies, depending on their divergent responsibilities within a company but one thing is certain it can relief even distressing financial burdens that can impede a company’s development. Also, if you are doing business in Europe, you need to make adjustments in compliance with European law. we can help you answer these tax-related questions.

Our eminent tax planning professionals work with auditors, economists, actuaries and other specialists to offer tax solutions to companies like yours. But, wherever you do your business, we can help you enhance your cash flows; augment your gross tax margins, boost net profits, manage debt, and curtail tax rates. Whether you are looking for better tax management across a wide range of territories or with multiple entities in one territory, we have a team of skilled tax teams who can easily coordinate with your multi-country compliance requirements, help you with your tax accounting and reporting obligations. We also offer you tax compliance, tax payment advice and outsourcing services in payroll processing services. Our corporate tax filling services include-

  1. Advising on different financial subjects which are of your interest and keeping you updated on the latest circulars, notifications & judgments
  2. Liaison with government authorities and properly responding to any query generated from the government authorities or department, if any
  3. Formulation and deposit of monthly challans on or before the due date
  4. Reviewing of all important tax withholding responsibilities
  5. Income tax planning for corporate
  6. Filing annual income tax return
  7. Calculation of monthly TDS

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