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Difference between Trade License and Shops and Establishment License

Trade License – this is often a license that's issued by the Municipal Corporation which provides permission to hold out a specific trade a specific address.

Shop Establishment License – Shops & establishment registration is mandatory for all business entities. It not only includes shops and commercial establishments but also, work from home jobs. Once you register your shop or establishment you'll get a store and establishment certificate.

Read through a couple of points that highlight the difference between Trade license and Shop and establishment licence

1. The commencement of any business that falls under the shops and establishment Act will got to get the business registered with the government and trade licence may be a permission given to an individual to hold out a specific trade.
2. Shops and Establishment licence are often obtained for a store or establishment even in residential premises. A trade licence are often obtained just for commercial premises.
3. Trade license is formed mandatory to form sure that unethical business practices aren't administered . A trade licence also ensures that each one rules and safety guidelines issued by the govt are being followed. Shop and Establishment is required by the tiny trader and shop owner who is doing any business activity .
4. Establishments like hotels, restaurants, food stalls, cyber cafes etc require a trade license. Shops and establishment licence is required by any commercial establishment or shop that's providing any quite service.
5. The fee for obtaining a Shops and establishment license and trade license may vary from state.

The shop act license and trade license has got to be obtained within 30 days of commencement of the business. If the conditions of the licenses are violated, then the license are going to be revoked or cancelled. The Shops and Establishment Act governs the working conditions and therefore the rights of workers including wage payments, leaves, work hours etc.

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